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ES File Explorer Pro APK free download: Complete Guide 100% working

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ES file explorer pro apk is one such thing that a lot are people are looking and to help with with the same, we have provided a guide on the same.

Every device needs a good File manager to view and organize the contents on your phone. Most of the OEM use bloatware to give native file management system into their device, but still, they lack most the advanced features which are present in the third-party file managers.

The OEM who use stock Android or Android one in their device are lacking the file manager itself, so they will download a decent file manager into their device. But the most important thing is there are millions of file manager is available in the device App store or the Google Play Store.

We have carefully researched and chosen a best among the millions for you. We have listed ES File Explorer Pro APK and the useful features of this file manager.

Features of ES File Explorer Pro APK:

  1. Library – With this option, you can get the different app installed on your device along with other files. You can quickly access the various files according to their category, the app will automatically divide them in the category.

Es file explorer pro apk Library

  1. Cloud – Cloud syncing is available on ES File Explorer Pro APK, which allows you to have access to the same contents on the various devices instantly. This is mostly like the same OneDrive offline feature.

Es file explorer pro apk cloud

  1. File Transfer – It can be done using this file explorer and files can be shared with anyone using a network instantly. This feature saves the time and slows transferring of files using another medium.
  2. Favorite – You can add any content instantly to any categorized list of the favorites for easier access to the files. The favorite category includes Download, News, Weather, Facebook, Documents, Movies, App, Music etc.

Es file explorer pro apk Favourite

  1. User Applications – It works as app manager where you can view the various apps installed in your device and even see the usage and version of the apps. You can even lock certain apps according to your choice within the ES File Explorer Pro APK. You can even control the usage of the apps.
  2. Hamburger Menu – You can access each category of the file by opening the hamburger menu by a swipe from right on the screen while you are in the ES File Explorer Pro APK app.
  3. Network – you can access the different networking options right from the app which includes Network, Cloud, LAN, FTP, Android TV, Bluetooth etc.
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  1. Remote Manager – You can remotely access any desktop, laptop or smartphone from your own device. This works exactly like TeamViewer or AnyDesk. No need to download any separate app to do so, you can do it directly from the ES File Explorer Pro APK.
  2. Tools Access – There are various tools available in the app to access various things in the device. Download Manager can access the downloaded things in the device. The system manager is there to access the and various tasks of the user. SD card analyst is the tool to access the files present in the SD card. You can also hide folders and files using these tools in the device.

  1. Windows – you can select and use the different functions of the ES File Explorer Pro APK app by opening a new tab. This enables the multitasking within the app itself which a really useful feature.

How to download ES File Explorer Pro APK on iPhone:

Follow these step to download and install ES File Explorer Pro APK on iPhone.

  1. Visit the link I have provided below and download the app from the link
  2. Once the download is complete open the ES File Explorer Pro APK for iPhone/iPad and creates a profile for installing it and trust it.
  3. Now open iOS settings and go to General Settings > Profile and Device Management. Create a profile for ES File Explorer Pro APK and trust it.
  4. After the above steps is completed, the app will get installed and you are good to go with ES File Explorer Pro APK for iPhone/iPad.
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Download>> ES File Explorer Pro for iPhone/iPad

How to download ES File Explorer Pro APK on Android:

Follow these step to download and install ES File Explorer Pro APK on Android.

  1. Download the ES File Explorer Pro APK for Android from the below link by using a web browser.
  2. Go to the downloads section of the browser or go to the file manager to locate the downloaded APK file and tap on it.
  3. Allow installing an app from the unknown sources if you have not allowed it before.
  4. Wait for the installation to get completed and you are ready to use the wonderful ES File Explorer Pro APK for Android.

Download>> ES File Explorer Pro APK for Android

FAQ on ES File Explorer Pro APK:

  1. Is it safe to download APK from outside App Store?

A: Usually it’s not safe, but if you are concerned then you can scan the APK file before installing it in your device.

  1. Can I Install APK for Android in my iPhone?

A: No, due to the different operating system APK for iPhone will not get installed in your iPhone.

  1. Will it conflict with native file manager present in my device?

A: No, it will be a separate file manager. You can use either one or both depending on your choice.

  1. Can this app damage my device?

A: No, it’s just another file manager with advanced features.


We have provided you with various features and uses of the ES File Explorer Pro APK. Also we have given you the guide to download and install the app for both platforms. We have also Answered some FAQ regarding ES File Explorer Pro APK for you.

This is probably the most useful file explorer present for mobile devices. There are some arguments between the best among Solid File Explorer and ES File Explorer.

I have used both but I will definitely recommend you to use ES File Explorer pro.

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