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Download Clash of Souls APK S1/S2/S3/S4 100% Working

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Clash of souls apk is a modded server available for clash of clans lovers. Keep reading to know more!!

Everybody loves strategy games, so games developers have developed millions of strategy type game for gamers on different platforms. Most famous strategy game among them is Clash of Clans. But you need to be very patient to go forward with this game, as it will take lots of time to upgrade the components of the games.

Upgrade sometimes takes days to complete, which is really a frustrating thing and sometimes many mobile gamers leave the game because of that. But don’t worry we have researched on the internet to bring you the best possible solution. You can have unlimited resources to upgrade your game components without getting banned.

Few developers have hacked and created few private servers for the Clash of Clans game and named it Clash of Souls. Not to conflict with the original game and the servers they have renamed the Clash of Souls APK after having a Clash of Souls private server. If you love playing Clash of Clans then you will like to have the Clash of Souls apk due to removed boundaries of the original game.

What Exactly is Clash of Souls:

Clash of Souls is the same old Clash of Clans with an awesome private server which is similar to the lite servers of the Clash of Clans. Basically, it is the same old Clash of Clans but with unlimited resources for the easier upgrade and progress. Most important thing is you will see no difference in the game as the game is based on the same C# language.

Clash of Souls was introduced in 2014 and currently has more than millions of the players around the globe playing on the custom-made server. You can choose from its four different servers and play on any of those servers. As the different Clash of Souls APK is linked with different servers, you cannot change the server from any one of the APK. You need to install different APK for different servers.

Features of Clash of Souls:

Clash of Souls is actually the Clash of Clans Mod APK server based app. This server is having lots of cool features. Great thing is that you can download the APK for free, we have provided the link below for you. You can custom MOD any troops or even buildings in these servers.

But mainly you will get these, Unlimited Gems which will allow you to complete any upgrade instantly, Unlimited Gold will allow you to upgrade buildings faster, Unlimited Elixir will make you train troops instantly and even upgrade few buildings.

Unlimited Dark Elixir will help you to train dark troops, Create as many troops as you want, Servers are fast which will help you to have battles faster, Modify as you like, Air Sweeper is also available and most importantly these will make your building time 0 seconds.

Clash of souls apk

Android Requirements:

The basic Android requirement for running Clash of Souls game in your device is Android 4.0.3 or higher. Download the Clash of Souls game from the link below with preferred server. After the download is complete the size of the game will be around 85 MB.

All types of screen sizes are supported by this app, so no need to worry about the resolution. After installation is done you need to give few permissions to this app for running it properly in the device. Allow phone status and identity, access to the media gallery, access to Wi-Fi connection and also allow the location permission.

iOS Requirements:

The requirement to run Clash of Souls game in your iOS device is iOS 7.0 or above. You need to install a custom app to download install and update apps from outside the Apple app store. You don’t even require to jailbreak your device to install this app in your iOS device.

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There are 4 new servers and 1 old Modded server is available for iOS devices. Choose the suitable server for you and install it in your iOS devices. We have provided the link of the servers below to download the Clash of Souls APK

Download Clash of Souls Apk:

There are four private servers to download the Clash of Souls APK for your android devices. We have explained about the servers below for you, choose the suitable server for you and enjoy clashing with different Clan Clashers. We have provided the links of the different servers below for eliminated your time wastage in searching for them.

Clash of Souls S1 free download

Clash of Souls private server 1 is the best and recommend server among others. The interesting thing about this server is that you can make your own Heroes and building according to your desire and imagination. This server is known as The Soul Eater and you will get 1000000 Gold, Dark Elixir and Elixir to upgrade your buildings and troops.

Download >> Clash of Souls S1 APK

Clash of Souls S2 free download

The second server of the Clash of Souls is known as The Heart of Soul which is having unlimited resources which give you the ability to upgrade the troops and buildings instantly. You can also make your own heroes and buildings in this server also. Head down to the download link to install the server 2 APK in your device.

Download >> Clash of Souls S2 APK

Clash of Souls S3 free download

This server is known as The Velocity of Soul and it is the third server of the Clash of Soul game. There is no limitation in adding any type of buildings and with the unlimited resources and custom heroes and buildings, it will be much easier to play in this server. There is no much difference in this server compared to other servers. Download from the link below and install in your android devices.

Download >> Clash of Souls S3 APK

Clash of Souls S4 free download

This server is named The Vengeance of Soul is much like similar to the other servers listed above. You will get unlimited resources in this server along with customizable heroes and buildings. You can even add unlimited buildings and clash with other clashes. Download the Clash of Souls forth server APK and start your creativity with strategy.

Download >> Clash of Souls S4 APK

Difference between Clash of Clans and Clash of Souls:

There are few differences between Clash of Clans and Clash of Souls, you will not get unlimited resources on Clash of Clans like the modded private server APK of the Clash of Souls game. Even most of the modded features are unavailable in the original Clash of Clans game by Supercell, including customizable heroes and buildings.

Clash of Clans servers is hosted and managed by the Developers of Supercell itself. So, in order to earn gold, elixir or dark elixir you need to earn or mine it. Which will take lots of time to get. Whereas in the Clash of Souls game, you will have modded servers where you will have unlimited resources and no need to waste your time on upgrading buildings and troops.

How to Download Clash of Souls on Android:

Here are the following steps to successfully download and install Clash of Souls game on the Android Devices.

  1. Choose which server you want to play on and download the Clash of Souls APK from the above-provided link.
  2. The link will redirect you to a tab in your web browser and download the Clash of Souls APK file from there.
  3. After the download is complete, go to downloads section in the web browser or go to file manager and go to downloads folder to find that APK file.
  4. Install the Clash of Souls APK in your Android device, it might ask you to allow installation from unknown sources. Allow it for the successful installation.
  5. After the installation is complete you will find the app in the home screen of the device.
  6. Launch it from the home screen or the app list of your Android device and enjoy clashing with other clans but with souls.
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How to Download Clash of Souls on PC:

Follow the following steps to download and play the Clash of Souls game for Android devices in your PC.

  1. Download and install BlueStacks Android emulator in your PC to play clash of souls.
  2. Run the BlueStacks application in your PC and let it set up properly before you can proceed any further, you need to create or add the google account the same way you do in case you set up a new Android Device.
  3. After the above steps are done, choose and download the desired server of the Clash of Souls APK for Android devices.
  4. Now go to the Home tab of the BlueStacks > 3 dots beside Installed Apps option > and select install apk option.
  5. Now it will let you browse the PC to select the APK for installation and select the APK file of the Clash of Souls.

clash of souls for pc

  1. Select the Clash of Souls server APK from the APK and let it install in the BlueStacks. It will ask you to allow installation from the unknown sources just like any other android devices. Allow it and let the installation to get finished.
  2. The installed app will show up in the installed apps section, launch from there and enjoy clashing in the Android Emulator in your PC.

FAQ on Clash of Souls:

We have listed few FAQ on Clash of Souls for you so that it will be easier to install and play the game instead of researching about it on the internet.

1. Can I use my old Clash of Clans account and progress further from there in Clash of Souls?

A: No, due to different and modded server you need to create a new account and you can instantly progress all the way to the top from the beginning.

2. Can I get banned from the Original Clash of Clans for installing a modded app in my device?

A: No, as you will be playing in a modded and hacked app so Supercell cannot trace what you are doing with your device. So, there will be no banning from the original Clash of Clans.

3. Can I install both Clash of Clans and Clans of Souls in my device?

A: Yes, you can install and play both Clash of Clans and Clash of Souls game in the game device without interfering with each other.

4. Can I install all the server APK in my device and play it according to my need?

A: No, you can only install any one server at a time. You need to uninstall the old one before you install a new server APK of the Clash of Souls.

5. May Clash of Souls damage my device as this is a hacked apk?

A: No, but you can always scan the apk before installing it in your device which will eliminate the risk of virus and damaging the device matter.

6. Can I play other SuperCell games in the same device?

A: Yes, SuperCell will not have the knowledge of you having a hacked version of their app in the device as long as you do nothing illegal in their server.

Final Words:

We have researched and listed all the possible things we can provide for you regarding Clash of Souls. Many of you may think due to private servers and hacked apk you may need to root your device. But, you don’t need to root your devices to install and play Clash of Souls in your Android or iOS devices.

Don’t even need to install VPN and don’t worry about getting banned by Supercell, just download the Clash of Souls APK from the given link above and enjoy the Clashing with your souls in your device. If you have any questions regarding this game you can always check out the FAQ section, where we have covered a few of the answers.

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