5 Best Heavy Construction Equipment and Their Applications

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Every construction needs advanced heavy construction equipment to add to its fleet for small-scale projects or larger ones. Various construction equipment for sale/rental is available in Surrey for mega projects such as highway building or road maintenance to make the work easy and safe. Here we’ll talk about some of the most common and frequently used heavy equipment for rental or sale you should consider adding to your fleet.


Well known for their precise movements facilitated by different attachments capable of hauling various materials around the one workspace, telehandlers carry different loads. These machines can be used well in cramped spaces as operations can easily lift material above and around obstacles.

In terms of applications, telehandlers provide an unmatchable number of benefits as these are capable of performing functions the same as cranes and forklifts. Telehandlers offer front-wheel, four-wheel and crab steering options, and based on the load, operators can adjust the steering cab.

Telehandlers can move up and down, left and right, and extend and retract like a crane to move the obstacles. Forklifting feature enables these machines to lift the material off the ground. Also, operations can tilt cargo to adjust the balance. To increase the maximum load-carrying capacity, wheel movements can be adjusted using the load stabilizing feature. Frame levelling feature in these machines enables them to maintain stable footing on most uneven terrains. 

Critical applications of Telehandlers 

  • Material handling in confined spaces
  • Load elevation and extension
  • Precision movement in construction

Should telehandlers be bought or rented?

Telehandlers are a crucial component of heavy construction equipment. If these play a role in daily operations, then the company can choose to buy them, but it should consider that they also need to purchase the attachments and upkeep materials.

When deciding to buy the telehandler company needs to ensure what size to choose that fits the scale of all their projects since the size correlates to the weight it can carry. 

Renting can be advantageous because this will allow the company to rent the unit that fits the project’s requirements. Attachment selection enhances the precision, load it can carry, and other applications it provides. 

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Renting a telehandler can be resourceful for the construction and agriculture industries.

2.Articulated trucks 

Articulated trucks are one of the common types of heavy-duty construction equipment available for rental or sale services, widely known for their adaptability and versatility. These trucks consist of both cab and a narrow dump box connected via pivoting hinges, unlike rigid haulers.

These machines are designed to work on the sites where:

  • Roads are little paved or are not paved at all
  • Sandy/Slippery surfaces
  • Steep slopes 
  • Low ceiling height 
  • Modern utilities 
  • Recycling 
  • Mining

Critical applications of Articulated Trucks

  • Carry loads across the rugged terrains
  • Carry weight through the tight corners with ease 

Should We Buy or Rent Articulated Trucks?

The decision to buy or rent articulated trucks depends on your construction company’s specific requirements. If your projects consistently demand articulated trucks and you can utilize them efficiently for the long term, buying may be a suitable choice. Owning the equipment provides control, customization, and potentially lower costs over time. On the other hand, if your projects vary in scale and location, renting articulated trucks offers flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and avoids the responsibility of maintenance and storage. Assess your project needs, budget, and utilization frequency to determine the most practical option for your business.


Dozers are among the most important and frequently used heavy equipment forming a significant part of the fleet. Dozers are widely used for solid tasks such as digging, excavating, pushing and levelling up soil surfaces or debris. These machines come with a heavy blade in front that is for pushing material. Now dozers are available with various modifications. The most common heavy equipment for Sale and rental is given below:

  • Wheel dozers

These are useful at the mines, engineering projects, quarries and construction sites. The specifications include a blade, tires/tracks. The key features include the ability to take sharper turns, excellent mobility and versatility.

  • Crawlers 

Crawlers are capable of performing similar tasks as wheel dozers. The advantageous side of crawlers is that these use less fuel since they slide less. The key feature of this machine is that it has better traction so that it can work more efficiently in less time. These machines have a better track system that is resourceful in controlling rugged terrain. However, this construction equipment has a higher maintenance cost, higher friction resistance, lower maximum speed and potential loss of traction. 

Critical Applications of Dozers 

  • Earthmoving and excavation
  • Soil leveling and grading
  • Pushing heavy materials
  • Clearing debris and obstacles
  • Creating roads and pathways

Should We Buy or Rent Dozers?

Deciding whether to buy or rent dozers depends on your specific project needs. If your construction company frequently uses dozers in its operations, buying may be a cost-effective option in the long run. However, if your projects vary in scale and equipment requirements, renting offers flexibility and helps you select the right-sized dozer for each job. This way, you can ensure efficient project completion while minimizing costs.

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Loaders are primarily used in loading, moving and depositing materials such as rocks, sand debris or soil etc., onto some place or machinery such as a feed hopper, railroad car or conveyor belt etc. These machines are most commonly used at each construction site level- civil engineering tasks, middle-sized construction and landscaping projects. 

Different types of heavy equipment, i.e., loaders, are available for rental or Sale in the market to meet the different construction demands. 

  • Wheel Loaders 
  • Compact track/multi-terrain loaders 
  • Track loaders 

Critical Applications of Loaders

  • Loading materials onto trucks

  • Moving heavy debris

  • Clearing construction sites

  • Loading materials into hoppers

  • Handling loose materials

Should We Buy or Rent Loaders?

Choosing between buying or renting loaders depends on your construction company’s needs. If loaders are frequently used for various projects and offer long-term benefits, buying them might be a wise investment. It allows you to have the equipment readily available and tailored to your specific needs. On the other hand, if your projects vary in scale and require different loader sizes, renting provides flexibility and cost savings. Renting ensures you have the right equipment for each job without the burden of maintenance and storage costs. Consider your project requirements and budget to make the best decision.


Excavator is the most commonly used digging, lifting and carrying, making it a must-job site with heavy equipment available for rental or Sale in the market that you can add to your fleet. It has an arm, bucket, boom, movable tracks and a rotating cab to perform its critical applications.  


The following are among the most common Construction Equip available For Sale or rental services in Surrey:

  • Crawler
  • Dragline
  • Suction
  • Skid steer
  • Long reach excavator 

Critical Applications of Excavators

  • Digging foundations
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Carrying out demolition work
  • Creating trenches
  • Excavating for utilities

Should We Buy or Rent Excavators?

Deciding whether to buy or rent excavators hinges on your construction company’s demands. If excavators are a consistent necessity for your projects and offer long-term value, purchasing them is a viable option. It provides accessibility and customization to suit your precise needs. However, if your projects vary in scale and require different excavator sizes, renting offers cost-efficiency and adaptability. Renting ensures you have the appropriate equipment for each task without incurring maintenance and storage expenses. Evaluate your project requirements, frequency of use, and budget to make an informed decision.

Final Words

Telehandlers, articulated trucks, dozers, loaders, and excavators are essential heavy construction equipment that can greatly benefit construction projects. Telehandlers offer precise movements and versatile functions, while articulated trucks are adaptable and excel in challenging terrains. Dozers are crucial for digging and leveling surfaces, and loaders are ideal for loading and moving materials. Excavators are indispensable for digging, lifting, and carrying tasks. Whether buying or renting these machines depends on project needs and considerations such as frequency of use and maintenance. Choosing the right equipment can significantly enhance efficiency and productivity on construction sites, leading to successful outcomes.

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