Top 6 Factors You Need to Know About App Store Optimization

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With the increase in mobile usage, the number of apps in the app store has increased rapidly. Presently, you would find an app for every small business or any other matter. It has become on the important and critical requirement for the growth of any business. A user-friendly app would help in increasing the profit margin of any business. 

But there are more than 1 million apps in the store, which are made for different purposes. Thus, it is important to let the customer know about your app when they are searing for an app under a specific category. For such a situation, you would need App Store Optimization Services for increasing your app ranking. Speaking of PlayStore, reviews on your Android app is one of the major ranking signal that Google considers while deciding the rank of your app for specific keyword.

App Store Optimization has also known as ASO the optimization process where you would meet the requirement for rising in the link ranking of the search result page. Developers would also call this process as App Store SEO. This would give more exposure to your app, thus increasing the number of downloads from the store. For increasing the ranking of the app, the developer would need to understand a few factors that would help your app to obtain prominent ranking in the store.

App Store Optimization in 2019 – Here is what works best! 

Here are some of the factors that any developer would need to keep in mind while optimizing his or her app.

  1. Identifying the ASO tool

One of the factors that would directly impact the ranking of the app could be the type of ASO tool you would be used for the optimization process. ASO tool is the tools that would help the app developer to place his or her app in a better ranking position. Therefore, it is important to identify the tool the developer would use for optimization the app. 

There are six types of ASO tools on the basis of other ASO factors. These six tools are as follows:

  • App Product Page Optimization Tools
  • App Keyword Optimization Tools
  • A/B Testing Tools
  • App Store Intelligence Tools
  • Search Ads Optimization Tools
  • Review & Sentiment Analysis Tools
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Each of the tools has its own importance in optimizing the ranking of your app. 

  • Selection of audience

Another important factor that would affect the ranking of the app would be the number of downloads of the app from the store. Therefore, the developer would have to understand the audience that they intended to target. Other than understanding the target, developers would also have to look out for the possible competition that they might face in the market.

By understanding the target audience and competitors, the Top Local SEO Agencies developers would be able to optimize their app. Information such as the language of the targeted audience, reasons for downloading the app, keywords and many other factors would allow developers to understand their audience.

  • Selection of effective keywords

Just like in SEO, ASO would also heavily depend on the effective selection of keywords. These keywords are applicable by the store for ranking the app in their store. Both the iOS app store and the Google Play Store have their own keyword selection process. 

The iOS App Store has a specific 100 character keyword space and in the Google Play Store would release its relevant keywords for a developer to use. In the Google Play Store, the developer would have to use these keywords for presenting a 4000 character description in customer-facing language. The maximum number of time, the developer would be allowed to use a keyword is five times.

  • Selection of app name

Name of the app would also affect the result of the optimization. Thus it is very important to come up with a unique application name as naming an app is not just a matter of branding. Including the relevant keyword in the name or title would help in increasing the ranking of the app. Having the keyword in the title would heavily affect the search results.

According to the requirements for the title formation, it would have to be at least 255 characters that would have to contain relevant keywords. The longer title would be shortened in the search page result. In Google Play Store, the title would be truncated after 30th character and in iOS; the title would be truncated after 23rd character. App title for the navigational page or home page would be shortened after 11th and 14th character. 

  • Description of the app
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This is one of the important factors where you would be interacting with the customers. Your app description would be considered as CTA (call-to-action) for your future potential customers. Your depiction would have to be informative and simple in nature. Describe its functions and benefits in simple language for compelling the visitor to download the app. The description would also have to contain relevant keywords for App Store Optimization

Developers are recommended to give extra focus on the first three lines of the description as the first three lines of the description would be responsible for attracting the attention of any potential customers. For easy understanding of the app, use bullet points for describing various features and service of the app. 

  • Selection of app category

Selecting an app category is another important factor that would affect the ranking of the app. Though it might look easy, there are several category rules and regulation. The selection of the category of the app would also depend on the number of apps present that category.

App Store Optimization algorithm would also consider the category while assigning the ranking to the app in search page. It is recommended that the traveler would have to select the category that would reflect the primary function of the app. Therefore it makes the selection of the category very important for achieving better ranking in the search page.

Therefore, it can be concluded that ASO is very important for achieving a better ranking on the search page. There are several other factors that would affect the ranking of the app. The developer would have to understand the concept of ASO before uploading it on the play store. Thus, if you want to increase the exposure of your app, be sure to keep these factors in your mind. 


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