Best SMS Bomber Apps For Android Phone [2021]

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Pranking your friends and loved ones has definitely gone to the next level since the rise of text bombing apps. There was a time when we had to sit down and plan out pranks that we could play out. The carrying out of old age pranks required a lot of efforts and plus there wasn’t a guarantee of it getting succeeded unless you were a professional. But after the invention and widespread free text bomb apps, pranking your friends through the digital world has become the new trend.

Best Free Text Bomb Apps :

If you have decided to pull out pranks on your friends using these services then great! But the question arises is which phone number bomber to use? There are many out there in the market which has existed since a long time and the new ones are being released frequently. This leads to the problem of choice, as you have so many options to choose from. To make your work easier, we have shortlisted five of the best and most recommended SMS bombing apps that would get your pranks started right away.

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BOMBitUP online is one of the finest and most used SMS Bomber developed by an Indian named Sanchit Gera. In the starting, it only provided support for bombarding Indian numbers, but as the time passed, the developer saw the potential of the app and therefore added International bombing support too. This simply means that it’s not a mere SMS bomber restricted to the Indian region, but it has its servers running in places like the US too.

One of the simple reason that BOMBitUP app download is popular is due to the fact that it has various features other than SMS bombing only. It serves you with an email bomber, Whatsapp text bomber, and you never know what all other features the developer may be planning of. The app sports a simple to use and interactive UI which carries on the work without revealing your identity, thus keeping you anonymous. There’s also a special feature known as Protection List, which basically protects you again SMS Bombing.

Features In Brief :

  • SMS Blast (India, US & UK): Easily blast someone’s mobile number with unnecessary and irritating unlimited messages.
  • Custom Blast: The BOMBitUP mod apk makes it possible to send custom messages to someone through the WAY2SMS gateway. The service is also free of cost, only you need to have an account registered with the third party platform.
  • Email Blast: If there are a lot of spam email senders who trouble you on a regular basis then it’s time to show them that your silence doesn’t mean your defeat. Bombard their inbox with unnecessary emails that are sure to make them go crazy and maybe also realize their mistakes.
  • Call Blast: Trouble your friends by sending limited missed calls on their device. The Call Blast feature has little limitations compared to other features. It may have been imposed with such limitations so that people don’t abuse it too much.
  • Whatsapp Spammer: The app makes it possible to spam anyone’s Whatsapp contacts by sending various unwanted messages which is sure to make anyone go crazy and confused.
  • Self Protect: This is a benefit that only the owner of the app will get. The protect option should help your email and phone number from not getting bombarded with emails and messages, respectively.
  • In-app Updates: For lots of third-party apps, you will have to go and visit different websites to update the apps but in case of BOMBitUP it’s the total opposite. Whenever any new update of the app is released, you can directly proceed to bombitup apk download latest version from within only.

2) RJ Bomber

If we have to place an online phone flooder app directly in competition with BOMBitUP then it will be RJ Bomber. The app has no limit in terms of sending SMS whereas BOMBitUP has a daily limit of 150 messages. It’s not an International bomber but there are plans of making it one and in near future, you may get to see that update too. We understand that there’s no limit on sending messages but that doesn’t mean that you can start abusing the service.

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The developer of the app holds no responsibility of the activities that you carry out, so whatever you do, think twice as if any serious or troublesome situation occurs then you may end up inviting unnecessary legal issues. If you wish to gather more information on this, then you may feel free to comment below and surely someone from our team or reader would help you with an appropriate solution.

Features In Brief:

  • Custom SMS: If you want to send someone something that is specially made or dedicated to them then you can customize your SMS and send it for free of cost instantly.
  • Email Spam: Spamming is never good but if you want to play out a trick then you can easily spam email of anyone with the help of the RJ Bomber apk.
  • Call & SMS Sending: Easily send SMS and calls using the app for free of cost. This is the common base feature upon which the app stands.
  • Miss Call Spam: If you want to drop a few misses calls anonymously to any of your known people, then this option could do your work. The feature works internationally but it’s important to note that it carries a limit of five miss calls per day just like the other app, BOMBitUP.
  • Protect: Think of this situation, “you played out a prank of text bombing on someone and the other person has come to know about it somehow including the app also that you have used to SMS bomb him/her”. In such cases, the other person may also think of repeating the same activity in curiosity, anger or excitement to trouble you for your committed mistake. To avoid getting SMS bombed, you can use the protect feature to safeguard your number. Many a time, this feature has seemed to work quite perfectly.

3) SMS Bomber

The SMS Bomber apk was developed by an Indian developer, named Udit Karode. It’s one of the most popular free SMS bombing apps that is available for free of cost. If we talk about the usage, then it delivers smooth performance and does its tasks pretty well. Other than just being a mere SMS bomber, it has various other extra features just like the other text bombing apps listed in this article.

Open the app, choose an option, input the victim phone number, and wait till the SMS bombing doesn’t end. That’s it! Believe it or not but it’s as simple as described in the upper few sentences. The developer of the app is quite known for his works and therefore you can trust his creation. Our research reveals that this is one of the very few SMS bombing app that doesn’t record any data. It keeps you totally safe and anonymous, leaving behind no traces. But if some legal issue arises, then you may land up in trouble. So use SMS Bomber online 2019 wisely and carefully.

Features In Brief:

  • No Ads & Popups: It’s one of the few SMS bombing apps that are free of cost and still doesn’t promote much of unnecessary ads and popups. It has been like this for a long time and hopefully will be the same in the future too.
  • Multi-Tasking Supported: It’s capable of running in the background while you can carry out other activities on your Android device. Multitasking doesn’t affect the functionality in any way, at least that’s what we have observed.
  • Works on 2G: The SMS Bomber apk download has been made in such a way that it can run well on slow connections also like 2G. Other apps may cause some issues while running on slow speed connections, but SMS Bomber isn’t like them in any manner.
  • Free Of Cost: Each and every service or feature of the app is available for totally free of cost to the user. It doesn’t give any special attention or preference towards anyone, instead, everyone is treated equally on the platform.
  • Totally Safe: This is an app that many users trust blindly. It’s totally safe and secure and doesn’t leave behind any traces of the sender which simply means that directly the target person can’t suspect on you in any manner (for fun purposes).
  • Less Data Consumption: It doesn’t require a lot of data to execute its tasks. It’s quite capable of running on very less data also, making it stand out from others.
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Why Should You Use SMS Bomber Apps?

If you are someone who is new to the world of SMS bomber apps then for sure you would have got this question at least once in your mind. The simple and straightforward answer to this question is: for entertainment! Yes, you read it right. Some of you may be a little confused by our approach but try to understand that these are not some official apps that can help you in any productive manner. The main and as per us the only intention of any such app is to prank people you know.

There are still few out there who use these apps to carry out their hatred towards others even after repeated warnings. It’s important to understand that text bombing apps are not meant for selfish motives, instead, they should be used just for fun purposes and that too in the limit. Excess usage of these services and especially on strangers can actually land you in legal trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Q1) Why are the free text bomb apps not a part of the Google Play Store?

Ans: Simply for the fact that they are against the guidelines of the Google Play Store. The Play Store doesn’t promote such text bombing apps due to certain reasons. It’s just important to know that if these apps aren’t listed on Play Store then it doesn’t mean that they are malicious or harmful for your device. Sometimes, Google doesn’t want good things to appear up! ?

Q2) Are the apps safe to use?

Ans: We don’t know about other apps but at least the ones listed in our article are 100% safe to use. They don’t contain any sort of malware or virus that can harm your device. Already millions of users are using them and that is clearly a sign of trust that people have shown towards the apps. Just make sure that you don’t perform any kind of bombing pranks on strangers or some official individuals as that can invite unnecessary trouble. Plus, in such a case, we or the developer of the app won’t be held responsible.

Q3) Why the apps sometimes take time to perform the tasks?

Ans: The API of such apps is not a simple one and as it runs on servers, there can be little delays in starting up your assigned tasks. At times, you may get to experience some delays or less numb of SMS bombs than you had specified in the limit. If you are having such issues regularly on any app, then make sure that you pass on the word to the concerned developer through any of the available and preferred contact method so that they can get rid of the issues in the upcoming versions of the app.


SMS Bombing apps are one of the most notorious inventions of mankind. There’s no harm in using these apps for playing pranks and having a little fun here and there. But the problem arises when people start using it for illegal purposes like taking revenge, hurting others for no reasons, to name a few.

We have just one simple advice for all our readers and i.e. to use the app thinking about the target in mind. If the person whom you are targeting has a nature of high temper then you may refrain from doing any such activity but if he/she is fine with such pranks then you can carry on your prank but that too in the limit.

Some of you may think of our advice as childish but the fact is that many go against this childish advice only and end up inviting problems for themselves. If we have been stressing on careful usage of these apps since the starting of the article then there has to be a reason. We hope that you would have got our points registered in your mind. Lastly, Don’t forget to let us know your SMS bomb prank stories in the comment box below.

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